Uk family court- mediation


Before you can apply to the court for an order you must first attempt mediation. Some exemptions apply for example if you are a victim of domestic violence or your case is very urgent.

Mediation is designed to assist coupled who have split up to reach an agreement. The mediators are not there to take sides or represent you. They remain impartial and assist both parties to reach a mutual agreement.

The court needs to know that mediation has been considered before they will process your application.

You will need to contact a mediator who will offer you a mediation information and assessment meeting (MIAM). The cost for this can range between £80 – £120 however if you are on a low income you may qualify for legal-aid.

During the initial meeting the mediator will discuss what you hope to gain from the sessions, your aims why it is that you have come to need mediation. They will then advise if mediation is right for you. This initial appointment is usually conducted without the other party in attendance.

If it is found that mediation is not suitable then you will be given a signed page (19) of the c100 form needed to apply to the courts.

If mediation might work for you then the other party will be invited to attend, and mediation can commence. Each party (ie you and your ex) will be responsible for there own fees for every session. Agreements made during mediation are not legally. Some people do decide to get a solicitor to look over the agreement, and the agreement can be used in court at a later stage in order to create a consent order.

If the other party refuses to attend mediation, then you will be given the relevant signed page for your court application.

More information on mediation can be found at or by contacting 0300 4000 636.