It’s been a productive week in the journey to get my baby girl back home.

Her father has refused to attend mediation so now I have the papers signed off and can apply to court to start proceedings. I’m very nervous. Going it alone without a solicitor is daunting but there is so much information available on line so I am hopeful I will present my case well.  I plan to submit my application in the next week, then there will be no looking back.

My other exciting news is that we are moving. In three weeks time little one will have her own bedroom in our nice new house. This will help massively with my chances of getting her home. I can talk to local schools and submit our intended living arrangements as part of my court application. When cafcass come to interview me they will see a beautiful home suitable for my daughter to live and grow up in. When I called my girl the other day to tell her the news she squealed with excitement. She is looking forward to choosing her decorations and furniture and to having her own space.

Slowly things are coming together for us and for the moment I feel positive about our future. let