Still trying to digest what happened today.

Full of excitement I drove 200 miles to collect my daughter from school so that I could take her out for dinner before a parent teacher consultation in the evening. She knew I was coming because we discussed our dinner plans in our phone call yesterday and she was also very much looking forward to spending some time together.

I arrive at the school early and spot the ex’s wife walking out of reception. Very odd but as I had agreed with the ex that I could pick our daughter up, I didn’t think anything of it and headed over to the classroom where I waited for my baby to come out.

Straight away I knew something wasn’t right. Usually when I pick her up she is watching for me out of the window and is one of the first out. Not today. Child after child came out and my little one was nowhere to be seen. I approached the teacher who told me that my daughter had been taken to reception. My heart sank. They are not going to let me see her.

My heart racing with mixed emotions I ran around to the reception area to find a teacher marching my daughter off towards the rear exit of the school. I banged on the window and my baby girl saw me. ‘mummy. My mummy’s here’ I could hear her saying. She was pulling to get to me, but I couldn’t get to her because the door was locked. The teacher literally had to drag her away. My little girl was so upset. I could see her crying and trying to tell the teacher that I was there to pick her up. And then she was gone.

I was livid. How dare they do this to us. I demanded to see the head teacher immediately. Trying to stay calm whilst I waited, a thousand thoughts went through my mind. Why are they doing this? What does my girl think? Who is going to comfort her? What are they telling her? And then the angry thoughts. I thought about going to his house, but I knew I couldn’t control my feelings at that moment, so I tried to call. No answer of course.

The head teacher came out to see me. She explained that they got a call this morning to say that step mum would be doing the pick up today. When they told my daughter, she was upset and confused. They did not know that I was meant to collect her, nor did they know why my ex had changed his mind about me taking my daughter for dinner. I showed the teacher the text messages I had to confirm our arrangements for dinner and explained that my daughter had seen me and looked devastated as she was dragged away.

After explaining the situation to the teacher, she agreed with me that It was deeply unfair to do this to a child who clearly was very upset that she couldn’t see me. She went to have a chat with step mum who agreed I could have half hour with little one as long as it was supervised by a teacher.

I was being treated like a threat to my own daughter. I felt like I had done something wrong, like I was an abuser of some kind. All eyes were on me like I was about to do something horrific, but I was so grateful to get that little bit of time. She came running over to me and gave me the biggest cuddle. It was clear to everyone how much love we have for each other.

Over the next half hour my daughter showed me around her classroom, we did some colouring and then she pretended to be a teacher and I was the pupil. We had a lovely time. Saying good bye was hard. She had no Idea why we couldn’t go for dinner or what had happened over the last hour. I held her tight for a moment and we said our good byes.

It turns out that my ex is making yet another attempt to push me out of my daughter’s life. After saying I could pick her up his solicitor advised him not to allow me contact, so he changed his mind but didn’t tell me. He let me drive 200 miles and let my daughter go through heart ache for no reason other than to try strengthening their case for court. The route they are going down now is that I am a risk. He is saying I am going to abduct my own daughter!

It’s a radicicolous accusation. I have had my little girl in my care every school holiday for the past 3 years. I have never taken her home late. There is no reason what so ever for this accusation other than that he is trying to erase me from my daughter life. By saying I am a risk to my daughter he will try to stop access. I expect this sort of behaviour from him. The accusations, the controlling and the attempt to get rid of me. It’s nothing new but using my daughter as a weapon is a new low even for him.224989_10151020793480820_1955047815_n